My name's Elizabeth and I am the owner of Fire & Colour.  

Soon after my third baby was born, my husband and I discovered that many things in our home weren't safe for our children. We decided to do a purge of cheap, harmful products and shift toward quality products made of safe materials.

I spent many hours shopping online to replace things in our home, searching out credible brands close to home that I could trust. And being an artist with a love for colour, I needed these items to be beautiful in colours I loved.

From making this change, I discovered just how good it feels to know where and how your products are made. Having products that combine quality and beauty made each day feel a little more special.

And this is what we want to bring you at Fire & Colour – beautiful things in lovely colours for your home and body that make each day a little more special – beautiful things you can feel good about!


My Artwork

I've always been an artsy girl who loves to create! I paint collections of art in acrylics that fit nicely with room decor. Take a look at my latest collection under "Original Paintings" and find that perfect piece to complement your space.